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Our staff has been working in menswear business for more than twenty years
We listen our customers to recommend a product that best meets their needs.

The Real tailor-made

We customize your shirts not limiting ourselves to the aesthetic but giving you a real tailor-made garment that knows how to adapt to your lifestyle and posture


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We are Specialists in Tailored Shirts

Everything starts from the choice of fabric, the real soul of the shirt: fil-a-fil, oxford, twill or zephir are some of the options you can choose.
The weaving is the second step and the whole is complete with the choice of collar, cuff and pocket.
Simple and few steps that will make your shirt unique e yours.

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Sartoria Calabritto di Basile Giuliana

Via Calabritto, 20
80121 Napoli

Why a tailored shirt?

  1. Because it is only yours, it is a unique garment and not just because it carries your initials.
  2. Because it has a wearability and a comfort that an industrial garment cannot guarantee, because is tailored based on your posture and anatomy.
  3. Because you can have a shirt that you wish: customizing it in more than 500 different ways

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